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Family Facilities

For parents of young families who enjoy shopping, we have 3 baby-changing rooms at the Centre. Designed with you in mind, they’re actually big enough to comfortably fit a buggy!

We also have specially designated Parent & Baby parking spaces, in close proximity to all mall entrances. Plus we have Kiddie Karts available for you to rent for your little ones.

At Charlestown Shopping Centre we operate The Charlestown Watchdog system; a unique child safety system operating throughout the Centre, that re-unites lost children with their parents or guardians.

Anyone who has ever lost a child knows the feeling of panic when they turn around and their child is out of sight. The Charlestown Watchdog system facilitates the speedy recovery of lost children by giving parents a direct link to the Shopping Centre CCTV Control Room.

Brightly coloured Charlestown Watchdog window-stickers (featuring our canine friend wagging his tail!) are displayed throughout the Centre. These stickers carry the phone number of the Centre’s Security Control Room. If you happen to lose sight of your child, or indeed find a lost child, just call that number to speak to one of our Security personnel.

Wristbands featuring the Charlestown Watchdog are also available from the Customer Service Desk or any member of the Customer Care Team. Write your mobile number on the wristband and we’ll do the rest.

Centre Manager Dan O'Connor says: "I believe that this level of customer service further demonstrates our commitment to enhancing our customers’ shopping experience. As Charlestown attracts larger and larger numbers of people, it’s inevitable that some of our smaller shoppers will get separated from their parents. We aim to re-unite them as quickly as possible and reduce the stress for all concerned."